Published April 19, 2024
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In the heart of our community lives a remarkable woman, Joan Ochuka Ojijo, who at 85 years old, has faced more challenges than many of us can imagine. Joan, a widow, has battled health issues for two decades, including arthritis and deteriorating eyesight. Recently, she has been struggling with scabies, causing her intense itching and discomfort.

Despite these hardships, Joan remains resilient. With our support, we can make a significant impact on her life. Our efforts have already provided her with essentials such as a bed, mattress, and basic food supplies. Additionally, we’ve acquired a small chair to assist her in moving around her home.

However, there is more to be done. Joan urgently needs medical treatment for her scabies and a wheelchair to improve her mobility and independence.

How You Can Help Joan Ochuka Ojijo

Your support can change Joan’s life for the better. Here’s how you can contribute:

  1. Donate via PayPal: Visit to make a donation online.
  2. M-Pesa Paybill: Use the Paybill number 400200 and Account Number 01134883152100 to donate directly.

No donation is too small, and every contribution will make a difference in Joan’s life. Let’s join hands to support and uplift Joan Ochuka Ojijo. Together, we can bring comfort and hope to her life. Thank you for your generosity and compassion.

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