Published November 13, 2023
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Within the complex framework of the Kingdom Missionaries Society for All Nations (KIMSAN), it’s the faces behind the organization that bring its mission to life. From the Team Leader spearheading missions to the Administrative Secretary keeping things in order, each member plays a vital role. Let’s delve into the inspiring stories of the leaders shaping KIMSAN’s impactful journey.

Rev. Cephas A. Ssenyonjo – Team Leader and Head of Missions and Church Partnership Department:

At the helm of KIMSAN stands Rev. Cephas A. Ssenyonjo, a visionary leader driven by a profound calling. Founded in July 2016, KIMSAN was born from Cephas mission to serve the body of Christ without boundaries. While serving as a Ugandan missionary in the Anglican Church of Kenya, a divine spark ignited the idea of a missionary organization transcending denominations, cultures, and races.

Cephas journey is one of surrender and faith. Leaving his position as pastor at St. Luke’s Cathedral in September 2017, he embarked on a mission to make disciples of all nations. Under his leadership, KIMSAN has expanded from a single cathedral parish in Western Kenya to regions across Kenya, Uganda, and Burundi.

His commitment to glorifying God by knowing Him alone and making Him known resonates in KIMSAN’s core. The Missions and Church Partnership Department, under his guidance, mobilizes local churches to reach communities with the Gospel of the Kingdom. It’s a testament to Cephas dedication to building secure, orderly, and well-managed societies through the ethics of God’s Word.

Ms. Milkah Mwangi Wanjiru – Administrative Secretary:

Behind the scenes, ensuring the gears of KIMSAN turn seamlessly is Ms. Milkah Mwangi Wanjiru, the Administrative Secretary. Her role goes beyond managing administrative tasks; it’s about creating an environment where the organization’s mission can flourish.

Milkah’s journey with KIMSAN is a tale of organizational prowess and dedication. Her meticulous approach ensures that the organization’s various departments synchronize in their efforts. From coordinating events to handling communication, Milkah is the glue that keeps KIMSAN’s operations cohesive.

As the Administrative Secretary, Milkah is a crucial link between leadership and implementation, embodying the values of honesty, good stewardship, and respect. Through her commitment, KIMSAN operates efficiently, leaving the leaders free to focus on the spiritual and transformative aspects of their mission.

Mrs. Janice O. Ssenyonjo – Head of Socio-economic Response Department:

In the realm of practical love and outreach, Mrs. Janice O. Ssenyonjo leads the charge as the Head of Socio-economic Response Department. Her role extends KIMSAN’s impact beyond the spiritual, touching lives through relief response, education, health, and economic initiatives.

Janice’s commitment to sharing the common love of God is evident in programs like Relief Response, where the practical love of Jesus Christ is shared twice a year during Easter and Christmas seasons. The Simeon’s House program extends care to neglected elderly in society through home-based caregiving, while The Raising Star initiative ensures needy children receive equal and quality education.

Her leadership embodies KIMSAN’s core values of equity, transformational leadership, and purity. Janice’s department bridges the gap between spiritual teachings and tangible, life-changing actions, making KIMSAN a beacon of love and hope.

Ps. Nickson O. Munga – Head of Pastoral Training and Christian Ministry Studies:

Education is at the forefront of KIMSAN’s transformative approach, thanks to Ps. Nickson O. Munga, the Head of Pastoral Training and Christian Ministry Studies. His department equips local pastors with Biblical leadership skills and theological knowledge through initiatives like The Kingdom Missionaries School of Ministry (KIMSOM) and The Kingdom Leadership and Theological Convention (KLTC).

KIMSOM, as a KIMSAN institute, offers formal Biblical and Ministry studies, providing certificate and diploma courses. The annual KLTC gathers senior leaders from different denominations to discuss and resolve ethical, theological, and leadership issues affecting the body of Christ and their communities.

Nickson’s commitment to transformational leadership aligns with KIMSAN’s mission to cooperate with mission-oriented institutions and individuals, creating leaders who can correctly handle the word of Truth as they lead God’s people.

The faces behind KIMSAN paint a portrait of dedication, faith, and transformative leadership. From Rev. Cephas A. Ssenyonjo’s visionary guidance to the hands-on impact led by Ms. Milkah Mwangi Wanjiru, Mrs. Janice O. Ssenyonjo, and Ps. Nickson O. Munga, each member contributes to the organization’s holistic mission.

Together, they embody the core values of KIMSAN—obedience to God’s call, honesty, good stewardship, equity, transformational leadership, respect, Christ-centered life, and purity. As KIMSAN continues to grow from its roots in Kenya to wider regions, these faces remain the driving force, ensuring that the Gospel of the Kingdom is not just preached but lived, transforming lives and communities for the glory of God.

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