Vision & Mission

Kimsan's Vision & Mission

In the heart of East Africa, where diverse cultures converge, a beacon of hope and transformation emerges—KINGDOM MISSIONARIES SOCIETY FOR ALL NATIONS (KIMSAN). Founded in July 2016 by Rev. Cephas A. Ssenyonjo, KIMSAN is on a mission to Teach the Word of God to all nations, fostering secure, peaceful, and orderly communities guided by the ethics of God’s Word.

Vision Unveiled:

KIMSAN’s vision is succinctly encapsulated in its slogan: “Knowing Him alone and Making Him known” (1 Cor. 2:2-5). This vision unfolds as a commitment to glorify God by imparting knowledge of Him and spreading His Gospel throughout the nations. The organization envisions communities transformed by the principles of the Kingdom, embracing secure and orderly living through the teachings of the Gospel.

Mission in Motion:

The core of KIMSAN’s existence lies in its mission—to cooperate with mission-oriented institutions and individuals in building secure, orderly societies by preaching and teaching the Gospel of the Kingdom (Mat. 24:14). This mission breathes life into the organization’s activities, resonating with the call to be witnesses of God’s love to the ends of the earth.

Why KIMSAN Exists:

KIMSAN recognizes the fundamental need for communities to identify themselves in the Gospel of the Kingdom. The organization operates with the conviction that without a foundation rooted in God’s Word, societies may falter (Hosea 4:6, Neh. 8:8-9). Thus, the why of KIMSAN’s existence is to instill the transformative power of the Gospel, creating communities anchored in God’s principles.

Intention of the Calling:

To glorify God by knowing Him alone and making Him known is the intentional calling of KIMSAN. This purpose is not confined by denominational boundaries, cultural distinctions, or geographical limitations.

Strategic Objectives in Action:

KIMSAN strategically channels its efforts through three key departments—Missions and Church Partnership, Leadership Development and Christian Ministry Studies, and Socio-Economic Response. Each department plays a unique role in fulfilling the organization’s mission.

Missions and Church Partnership mobilizes local churches to reach their communities with the Gospel through events like the “Be My Witness Gospel Convention” and discipleship and evangelism summits.

Leadership Development and Christian Ministry Studies equips local pastors with biblical leadership skills through initiatives such as “The Kingdom Missionaries School of Ministry” and the annual “Kingdom Leadership and Theological Convention.”

Socio-Economic Response manifests the love of God through practical initiatives like relief response programs, care for the elderly through “Simeon’s House,” and educational support for needy children via “The Raising Star” program.

Case in Point: The Flourishing Impact:

One tangible manifestation of KIMSAN’s mission is seen in “The Flourish,” a young adults’ discipleship program. This initiative brings together young minds, aged 14 to 24, for mentorship and coaching sessions. By investing in the younger generation, KIMSAN ensures a continuum of positive change, fostering a community rooted in Christ-centered values.

In just a few years, KIMSAN has transcended borders, growing from a single cathedral parish in Western Kenya to serving in Uganda and Burundi. The organization envisions expanding its impact not only within the East African Community but to the rest of Africa and the world.


KIMSAN’s vision and mission form the bedrock of an organization committed to transforming nations through the Gospel. From the founder’s calling to the strategic implementation of core values and objectives, KIMSAN stands as a testament to the power of faith in action. As communities are touched by the love of God, KIMSAN continues to be a catalyst for positive change, one that reverberates beyond geographical boundaries, impacting lives and fostering a Kingdom-minded worldview.

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